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RICH vs POOR Mindset – An Eye-Opening Interview with Robert Kiyosaki

RICH vs POOR Mindset – An Eye-Opening Interview with Robert Kiyosaki


The most important distinction between the wealthy (the 1%) and the poor or center class (the 99%) is their mindset. Merely put – individuals who turn out to be wealthy have a wholly totally different mindset than individuals who select to stay poor.

Sure, I stated “select,” as if it had been a selection. It completely IS a option to preserve doing the identical factor and count on totally different outcomes. That is additionally what is called madness.

Debt and Taxes

Take debt and taxes, for instance. Poor individuals use debt to purchase issues they need and want, they usually pay manner an excessive amount of of their revenue (as a proportion) to the federal government within the type of taxes. Wealthy individuals leverage debt to purchase issues that may make them cash, they usually do what they’ll to keep away from paying taxes (legally) in any respect prices.

“Debt and taxes make the wealthy richer. Debt and taxes make the poor and center class poorer.”

~ Robert Kiyosaki


The rationale the 1% (the wealthy) are getting richer and the 99% (the poor and center class) are getting poorer is that once you print cash, two issues occur; Inflation and taxes. The 99% are getting crushed by inflation and taxes. The 1% don’t have to fret about inflation or taxes as a result of it doesn’t have an effect on them.

The Economic system

My key takeaway from this interview with Robert Kiyosaki is his tackle “the financial system” versus “your financial system.” Poor individuals are actually good at blaming “the financial system” when their monetary scenario takes a flip for the worst. Wealthy individuals don’t want to fret about “the financial system” as a result of they’re busy specializing in “their financial system!” Watch the complete video beneath for particulars…

Credit score: Video and screenshot for featured picture – Motiversity on YouTube

Wealthy Dad Poor Dad

Get the ebook that explains all of it in full element. That is simply my top-recommended ebook of all time on the subject of cash mindset and easy methods to turn out to be wealthy.



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